Global HIV Prevention Coalition

Accelerating HIV prevention to reduce new HIV infections by 75%

In 2017, a global coalition of United Nations Member States, donors, civil society organizations and implementers was established to support global efforts to accelerate HIV prevention.  Membership includes the 25 highest HIV burden countries, UNAIDS Cosponsors, donors, and civil society and private sector organizations. The overarching goal  of the Global HIV Prevention Coalition is to strengthen and sustain political commitment for primary prevention by setting a common agenda among key policy-makers, funders and programme implementers.

With countries and communities at the centre, it seeks to ensure accountability for delivering prevention services at scale in order to achieve the targets of the 2016 Political Declaration on Ending AIDS, including a 75% reduction in HIV infections towards fewer than 500 000 infections by 2020, and to ending the AIDS epidemic by 2030.

The coalition aspires to maintain a global accountability process with score cards, reflecting progress against national targets, to track yearly progress. It is establishing a coordinated and responsive modality for providing technical support to needs assessments, target-setting, planning, implementation, programme reviews and technical and policy guidance through an interagency draw-down mechanism.