GPC High-Level Dialogue, 24 May 2023

On 24 May 2023,  the Global HIV Prevention Coalition (GPC) convened a High-Level Dialogue on Accelerating HIV Prevention and Preparing for Future Pandemics. Organized on the occasion of the 76th World Health Assembly, the event aimed to raise political attention and focus on accelerating HIV prevention to end the current HIV pandemic and prepare for future other pandemics, share an HIV prevention status update with Ministers of Health, and connect them with global leaders in HIV prevention policy and implementation so they may have a strategic exchange focused on how best to accelerate HIV prevention in support of achieving the 2025 HIV prevention targets.

The dialogue showcased progress on country implementation of the HIV Prevention 2025 Road Map 10 actions as of 2022. It provided a high-level platform for countries to share critical successes, gaps, and priorities to accelerate achievement of the prevention targets, and discussed the need for urgency in identifying high-level solutions for overcoming slow progress towards global HIV prevention targets.

For watching the full high-level dialogue, it can be accessed on the youtube link GPC High-Level Dialogue on Accelerating HIV Prevention and Future Pandemics – YouTube

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