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These guidelines support delivery of quality, nonjudgmental, people-centred HIV services throughout Lesotho. The revisions were driven by the Ministry of Health's desire to improve access to additional HIV prevention interventions such as event-driven PrEP and the dapivirine vaginal ring; complete optimisation of antiretroviral therapy; provide comprehensive guidance on implementation of key service delivery models; improve the management of advanced HIV disease; and align with recommendations related to tuberculosis, vertical transmission and HIV testing services.  

Lesotho national guidelines on the use of antiretroviral therapy, sixth edition, January 2022
Ministry of Health, Government of Lesotho
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ART, advanced HIV disease, tuberculosis, vertical transmission, HIV testing services, TB, antiretroviral therapy, dolutegravir, dapivirine vaginal ring, pre-exposure prophylaxis, PrEP, event-drive PrEP