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In 2017, a coalition of United Nations Member States and partners was established to support global efforts to accelerate HIV prevention. Its membership includes 40 focus countries, UNAIDS Co-sponsors, donors, and civil society and private sector organizations.

The overarching goal of the Global HIV Prevention Coalition is to strengthen and sustain political commitment for primary prevention by setting a common agenda among key policy-makers, funders and programme implementers. With countries and communities at the centre, the GPC seeks to ensure accountability for delivering prevention services at scale to achieve the targets of the 2021 Political Declaration on Ending AIDS, including a reduction in HIV incidence to fewer than 370 000 new infections by 2025 and ending the AIDS epidemic by 2030.

The GPC develops and coordinates the implementation of the Global HIV Prevention Road Map and scorecards to track annual progress against national targets. The coalition also provides access to tools and guidelines and strengthens national AIDS institutions’ leadership and management of multi-stakeholder HIV prevention programmes.

How We’re Structured

HIV Multisector Leadership Forum

Provides a community of practice for the directors of national institutions to support their leadership of HIV prevention in focus countries

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Prevention Working Group

Serves as a strategic and technical advisory group to the GPC and coordinates implementation of the HIV Prevention Road Map

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South-to-South Learning Network

Supports the GPC’s efforts by providing a platform for south-to-south collaboration and dialogue on HIV prevention among network members in 15 African countries

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