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Uganda’s community "last mile" condom distribution encompasses several promising practices underpinning a people-centred, data-driven initiative aiming to increase access to condoms. This case study is part of a series documenting promising and best practices supported by the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria’s Condom Strategic Initiative and wider condom programming.

Delivering condoms to the last mile: Leveraging data to enhance condom access in Uganda
Sarah Gibson (Mann Global Health), Aasha Pai (Mann Global Health), Chris Jones (Mann Global Health), Gina Dallabetta (Mann Global Health), Lucy Maikweki (Mann Global Health), Wilberforce Mugwanya (UNFPA), Rosemary Kindyomunda (UNFPA), Sarah Taratwebirwe (Ministry of Health, Uganda), Ambrose Jakira (Ministry of Health, Uganda), Namwinga Chintu (UNAIDS)
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Last mile, condoms, condom access, GIS mapping, hotspots