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This document establishes the technical standards for Peru’s combination HIV prevention package (behavioural, biomedical and structural interventions) with the aim of reducing new infections among populations at high risk in the country. The technical standards will facilitate the integration of combination prevention into health services, the management of pharmacy and medical supplies needed to implement the package, the implementation of the registration and information system for the interventions delivered and the strengthening of laboratory diagnostics and follow-up of patients receiving the combination prevention package.  

NTS No. 204 – MINSA/DGIESP-2023: Norma técnica de salud “prevención combinada del virus de la inmunodeficiencia humana para pobl
Peru Ministry of Health (Ministerio de Salud)
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technical standards, sexually transmitted infections, person-centred health care, key populations, men who have sex with men, sex workers, transgender women, people who inject drugs, pre-exposure prophylaxis, post-exposure prophylaxis, HIV testing, combination HIV prevention